Ceiling Fans at LBX Lighting, Inc.

At LBX Lighting, Inc, we believe that your home needs all of the air circulation that it can possibly get, and that is why we offer the best selections of ceiling fans in Houston. Ceiling Fans help to increase the comfort of your home by keeping the air from getting stagnant and stale. In addition, they work to keeping your central heating and cooling running at tip-top efficiency. However, choosing the perfect ceiling fan for your home isn’t just about cost and efficiency, right? It’s also about aesthetics, and that’s why we offer a variety of sizes, styles, and features for you to choose from.

LBX Houston Ceiling Fans and Ceiling Fan Parts

How Do I Choose the Right Ceiling Fan?

If you’re unsure of the right size ceiling fan to buy for your home, you might consider the following. Small fans, which range from 36″ to 38″ in diameter are perfect from rooms that measure less than 100 sq. ft.; whereas, fans with a diameter greater than 52″ should only be used in family great rooms or possibly master suites who measure greater than 500 sq. ft. Most rooms, however, will probably require a medium-size fan, measuring 42″-50″ in diameter.

You’ll also want to consider whether or not you need some extra light in your room. If so, we offer a wide array of light kits that will allow you to combine the functionality of your new ceiling fan with the added bonus of a new light fixture.

As you continue to shop through our ceiling fan store in Houston, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need guidance in making the right choice to help keep your cool.